Overmedicating Our Kids


ADHD is quickly becoming an epidemic in our society. In every school in every city of the united states you will find numerous children taking daily medication to “control their behavior”. This act is completely insane! What happened to the days when kids were kids and were allowed to be just that? Our society is heading to a day when our children will be turned into mindless robots in the name of order.
When I was child we were able to play until mom and dad called us in for dinner. We got into mischief and, I am sure, did alot of things that would now be construed as ADHD behaviors. We were not medicated to make us mind our parents or sit still. I do not know of any kids that have the ability to still and pay attention! That is just the way kids are. These days though , you can look around the schools and see pairs of zombied eyes staring back at you. Are these children capable of learning in this condition?

When it comes to schools and our children it is out of hand. The teachers in our schools are exercising rights that they do not have regarding our children. Now , I understand that a teacher has alot of responsibility and more than enough students to fill her day and to add an unruly child to the mix makes their job tougher. However , when did it become accepted for our teachers to inform us that they can not teach our children unless they are medicated? If you are going to be a teacher then you should expect to have hyper moments and periods of restlessness. I grant you we do have ADHD children in our schools but nearly as many as are being medicated currently. I feel that our teachers should do the teaching and let the parents make decisions regarding their children.

Doctors are not at all innocent in this ADHD epidemic we are finding ourselves in. I have yet to figure out why but doctors are jumping on the medication bandwagon faster than we can blink an eye. As physicians I would expect more from them . It would be a different story if the doctors took the time to actually get to know the children before they make a hurried diagnosis. This is not the case though. In most cases the doctor sees the child for 5-10 minuets gives an ADHD medication or two and sends them on their way. This is criminal in my opinion. The sad fact of the matter is one medication leads to two and two to three and so the vicious cycle begins, and never ends.

It is our jobs as parents to defend our children from this vicious cycle.  We need to wake up and realize that the teachers , school officials and doctors can not make us turn our children into zombies. It is our job discipline our children so that our teachers can teach their classes without excess behaviors that can be cured through parental discipline. It is our job to protect our children from the doctors and heath care professionals that jump into diagnoses without really knowing our children. we are our children’s only advocates.

For my next post, I will be discussing a lighter topic. I am excited to share with you some tips on looking for the best vitamin c serum for face.  Stay tuned in!



In today’s fast paced world, it is often easy to forget about how vital keeping skills outside of our current job marketcare. Barnum once said “Every man should make his son or daughter learn some useful trade or profession…”
In today’s multimedia world, the playing field is different and no trade will help get you by as trades are temporary in nature. Most people are aware of big name brands such as Apple and Coca-Cola. However, a brand does not limit itself to just companies. When done correctly, you can build yourself up to be a brand. What you sell is your reputation and expertise.

Branding Yourself- It is essential for you to stand out from the rest of your competition. Popular options for this include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. (Benefits of how these websites can be used can be found here.) Popularity has grown so much that songs have been created about them which can be foundhere, here and here.

It is important to be consistent in how you brand yourself as repitition is key to recognition. (Note: How all 3 links use the same profile picture and how they share similiar website links .) If you choose not to brand yourself, remember thatsomeone else will and it might not be in the best light. Alternatively, you may elect to brand yourself through your own website by buying your first and last name from a webhost. By buying through a webhost, you’re eligible to receive a free domain with your purchase.

Branding is not something that will be leaving anytime soon. While generics may have had popularity at one point, people are willing to pay more for brand namesbecause it is associated with quality. How does this apply to you? If you are able to successfully create a brand for yourself, people are more likely to seek your help on a particular subject matter or theme.

However, branding yourself cannot be done overnight. It involves commitment, adaptability and a willingness to keep on learning. In order to properly brand oneself, one must focus in on a niche market is and who their target audience is.

There are many ways which can be used to help brand yourself. These ways include, but are not limited to:
1. Give people a reason to talk about you in a positive light.
2. Participate in anything that will get you noticed.
3. Post presentations that you’ve given by publishing them on a blog, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
4. Create a Facebook Fan Page or group about your niche.
5. Be helpful by exchanging links that others will enjoy and be of benefit.
6. Leave thought-provoking or insightful posts on other blogs.
7. Consider the use of a consistent headshot photo that will allow your audience to connect with you.
8. Join brand-related groups on social media sites such as groups in LinkedIn and partake in discussion forums.
9. Put your signature in your e-mail and forum as well as on Skype.
10.Makie yourself easy to get a hold of via Twitter, Skype, Facebook and other forms of internet communications.
11. Get your water bottles custom label

(For more tips on how you can brand yourself, click here.)

Ken Rockwell has been able to figure out what he knows and who he desires his Niche Market is. Rockwell owns a site named after himself and has dedicated his time to reviewing digital single len reflex (DSLR) cameras in order to allow those with an interest to get a better understanding on the features of the DSLRs as well as accessories available for the camera. In order to be more affective, Rockwell even shoots the same pictures with different cameras and keys in on the differences between each picture which might not seem all that different at first. Rockwell has been so successful at this that he can support his family through his website. His name has become so synonomous with DSLR camera reviews that even though his webasite his free to access, there are many individuals who have chosen to support him monthly because they believe his reviews have been more helpful than even published books.

Blogging by itself is not enough to get your name out there to the general public. One great solution to establish your brand name is to comment on another blogger’s post. You don’t have to agree with the blogger as long as you do so respecfully. By conversing with the audience in this way, more people will have an idea of who you are and you will have a better grasp of how to brand yourself online. Furthermore, your comments help to define you as a brand. The more people trust in you, the more willing they are to believe that what you say matters.

With the art of self-branding, it does not matter who you are or who cares about you. When done correctly, you’ll not only discover who you are but will also make the right people care about who you are opening up a surplus of opportunities just for you.

Web Design Tutorial: Creating Simple CSS Rollovers

One of the greatest things about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) within HTML, is that you can create some interesting effects using simple style sheets and a static HTML web page. When CSS first came out, it’s purpose was only to separate the style of a web page from it’s actual content, making the content more accessible, cleaner and simplified. But, because of the advancement in HTML standards, and the creative individuals who found new ways of utilizing CSS, it is now possible to create drop-down menus, link rollovers, image rollovers and text generating rollovers.

In this tutorial I will describe the process of implementing text and image rollovers within list items using only HTML and CSS. No Javascript will be harmed in this tutorial! If you have no background in CSS, it would be beneficial for you to read my Beginners Guide to CSS

You can also learn more about the CSS list items used within this tutorial in my Guide to CSS and HTML Unordered Lists

First of all I would like to cover some basic background information regarding the accessibility of CSS rollovers. You don’t need to fully understand the following information to use this tutorial, this is just a heads up to help you understand the other ways you may be able to utilize CSS, and assist you in grasping the concepts more fully.

To date, cross-browser rollovers can only be assigned to the link element within your CSS. This is the text/image held within or by the tag.

The examples I am going to use as CSS selectors are called Pseudo-Classes. These selectors are used to add some different and more advanced effects to your HTML web page. You can learn more about all of the Pseudo-Classes and their compatibility at the W3Schools CSS Link

This tutorial is only going to use the Anchor Pseudo class element. Anchor Pseudo class elements can only be used on the ‘a’ element of your CSS, but in CSS2 (which is not currently cross-browser capable), you can use many more selectors as Anchor Pseudo Class elements. Now, on to the tutorial.

1. Create a new HTML document, with all of the necessary DOD, head and body tags.

In this tutorial, we are going to place the CSS code inside the head portion of the document, as opposed to attaching it separately.

2. Start by creating the basic HTML of the list elements that we are going to create rollovers for.
About Us
Contact Us
This is a simple navigation list example, because the majority of rollovers are used for navigation or links. The entire navigation is held within a div container titled “mynavigation.” The ul element is defined by the ID element “navmenu.” The next example has the CSS and it should clarify any confusion that you might have. You can use your imagination through this tutorial if you want to apply rollovers to other ‘a’ elements.

3. Creating the CSS

The styles will go in between the portion of your document.

#mynavigation {

width: 200px;

#mynavigation ul {

margin-left: 0;
padding-left: 0;
list-style-type: none;
font-family: verdana;

#navmenu a {

display: block;
padding: 3px;
width: 160px;
background-color: #000000;
border-bottom: 1px solid #ffffff;

#navmenu a:link, #navmenu a:visited {

color: #ffffff;
text-decoration: none;

#navmenu a:hover {

background-color: #D5D0CD;
color: #6D7A73;

This is going to create a box, 200px in width around the entire navigation. Each link (between the elements) is displayed as a block, with a background color of black, and text color of white. The rollover state will produce different colors for the background of the block and the text color, shades of grey are used in this example. The Anchor Pseudo-Class elements are

a:link – Applies the style to a link that has not been visited

a:visited – Applies the style to a link that has already been visited

a:hover – This is where your rollover comes in. This style is only applied when the user rolls their mouse over the link.
– This is where your rollover comes in. This style is only applied when the user rolls their mouse over the link.
In this case, when the user rolls over the link with their mouse, the background color of each link and the link text will change color. You can see an example of the two states of the links in the picture supplied. Experiment with different colors, try it for yourself in a simple .txt document or in your favorite web page design software.

This is a basic example of using rollovers to enhance your web page. You can apply these rollovers to any element, and you should experiment with different colors, styles and sizes on your own. On my next blog post, I will be discussing about top digital marketing strategies. Please stay tuned!

How to Break into Journalism

When I was eight I knew I wanted to be a writer when a short story I wrote got an A plus.

I spent my childhood writing from then on, but of course I was too young to know who to break into the field until I started high school and started looking into college.

I started as a freshman at West Georgia College in Carrollton, GA in the fall of 1984 and immediately signed up to write for the college paper. I worked my way up through the years from beat reporter to typesetter, to staff writer, assistant news editor, and finally, editor.

I was also co-editor for one year of the campus magazine.

I attended every staff meeting at the newspaper, majored in Mass Communications, minored in English, got a mentor (my journalism professor and advisor to the student paper), soaked up every ounce of advice, opportunity, and information I could from the staff of the paper and Sigma Delta Chi (Society of Professional Journalists) of which I became a student member, and totally immersed myself in my career.

In those days computers were huge VDTs (video display terminals) that crashed frequently and I had an old electric typewriter I used to bang out my stories often, then walk them down to the newspaper office and re-type them.

Sometimes, if I didn’t have typewriter ribbon or couldn’t afford it, I would hand write my stories first.

I volunteered to cover campus and off-campus events, as many as my schedule would allow and type in other staff writers’ copy often.

I covered all kinds of events and made myself available.

In the summer in between my freshman and sophomore year I interned at the local paper.

I even tried learning some photography, layout, and design.

I participated in the campus’ annual Media Day event where networking took on a whole new life with alumni, professionals, students, professors, and published writers convening on West Georgia for a day, offering tips, job leads, assistance, and speaking to the crowd about the future of journalism.
In the summer of my sophomore and junior year I went to summer school and continued writing for the campus paper. That fall I interned at the campus’ Public Relations office where I learned the ropes of promotion and gloss.

In February 1987 I received a small ($500) journalism scholarship that I have found out about through my journalism professor who used to be editor-in-chief at Newsweek. On top of this, I work part time at a couple of hospitality jobs available in town to support my family.

In April I ran and was elected editor of the student paper, having written for them for the past three years, proven myself.

That summer I began my new position and it was much harder than I had anticipated but I did it.

In the fall I got the chance to attend the annual Sigma Delta Chi’s National Newspaper Convention that only three main staff members and the newspaper advisor were allowed to attend as a rule.

That Christmas I got to intern for The Marietta Daily Journal, my hometown newspaper that I used to fantasize about working for.

Even though I had to leave school in March 1988 due to a serious illness, I was hired a month later at that paper as an editor at the age of 22.

A year later I was working for The Florida Times-Union Newspaper as an editorial assistant and was allowed to write a book review from time to time, too.

Since that time I have written for numerous newspapers and magazines and now have six portfolios of my work.

In 1991 I won a Florida Press Award for a series of articles I wrote about Bible reading and prayer in the school regarding some parents who sued the school board through the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

There is a saying for one of the many online writing publications I subscribe to – “Writers write.”

And it’s true. I know some people who say they’re a writer or want to write but never do.

To be a writer, you must write as trite as that sounds.

It is a passion, discipline, commitment, and love like no other I have found.

It is rewarding beyond any extravagant material gain, popularity, recognition, or accolades.

It is simply doing what you love and creating something of your own, using your God-given talent to do what you were meant to do all along and engage in something that brings you the only happiness you have ever known.


We want change. That’s the reason why we always found ourselves scribbling resolutions on a paper every year. We desire new great things to happen for the coming year. We all want to be optimistic.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Actually this helps us to have clear direction to jumpstart the year and improve our old life. What the problem is , most of us don’t usually follow those resolutions. They are there for a while with your inexplicable zest to fulfill it then as the time goes by, it all gone. In Filipino term ‘Ningas Kugon.’ Easy said than done.

There is something wrong why we always end up to unfulfilled resolutions. Because the focus of all of them is ourselves.

The selfish pursuit that we have make all of these waste. We don’t need to revise our resolutions. What we need to do is to change our attitude towards our resolutions. Changing ourselves for a better, dedicating it to others will make you more motivated to fulfill it.

Lose weight not just for you to become fab, but to inspire others to have the discipline of eating right and valuing health. Lose weight for your loved one and forget getting envied by others.

Save money for a cause. You can donate it to victims of typhoons or just even giving it to your mom whenever financial crisis occurs in the family.

Pay all debts with the thinking that the person whom you borrowed might need it now. You owe them something which is tantamount to commitment. I am also planning to get to know more about ranking hostingów and others things.

Have good grades not to have additional allowance but to make your parents proud. Making them realize that their hard work is paid-off through your excellent performance in school, will push you to continue this resolution as a long time goal.

Stop vices not just for yourself but as well for those who love you. Your life is intertwined to others. Instead of wasting time for looooooooooong drinking session or one hour smoking five packs of cigarette, why spend it having good laughs and hearty talks to your friends?

The secret of fulfilling resolutions is by setting aside yourself to teh center and letting others be your focus. There’s no other way around. Try it and you’ll see how it works.


Pack in your Travel Bag


MAKEUP IS FUN but when traveling, bringing and putting it on just demand too much space and time. But, if you just pack light and right, you can totally say goodbye to the hassle of traveling with makeup. After all, adventures don’t entail a full makeup do. Minimalism is the key, and you just have to look fresh and natural.

So, if you want to achieve such look, read on as we listed all the stuff that you need to stow in your travel makeup pouch. Promise, it won’t take much!

Foundations can be icky when worn under the sun. Don’t fret. This tinted moisturizer doesn’t just hydrate your face but also evens out your skin tone while protecting your skin from the harmful UV radiation. It’s totes adorable, and the size is just the perfect fit for your makeup pouch. Plus, you even get three products in one!

We all want that cat eye look but not all of us are blessed with steady hands. Well, this eyeliner stamp saves the day! In just one second, you can create the perfect cat eye you’ve been longing for. And it is smudge-proof, water resistant, and long wearing!

Nothing accentuates the eyes than the good ol’ mascara. This Web Fiber Mascara will make your lashes pop a whole day long without a hint of smudge. It is also infused with castor oil which promotes hair growth so you’ll be hitting two birds with this product.

Created with a specific choice of colors for day and night, this Jetsetter Palette will surely take you to places with a playful mood. You can combine different tones for different looks depending on the event or your whereabouts.

Gone were the days when lipsticks come in shiny, smudgy form. Think about food proof and kiss proof—these Girl Gang Matte Liquid Lippies will stay even after taking a bite of pizza or giving a smooch to someone. And they come even come in 20 shades to suit everyone’s skin tone!

So, are you ready for your next adventure with these essentials? By the way, I am currently into leasing right now, most especially into Ford Fiesta deals. I have been using my car for my travels with my partner and I know you will be up for this one too.

A hero

The secret behind every success is a collaborative effort of brilliant minds that share the same vision. Having been the foremost institution in championing peace among nations for over 11 years, the foundation I am currently helping continues to extend a helping hand to poverty-stricken families, especially those living in far-flung rural areas. with the efforts of husband and wife tandem Mikaela Smith and Gilbert Erickson.

Despite the lure lucrative of practice in prominent places, the couple , whom many called as philanthropists, chose to spend her precious time on earth doing community service on behalf of the institution. Together with his husband, she traveled to different areas of the Philippines to serve the indigenous people and help them pave the way for better and more comfortable lives.

As a distinguished doctor and humanitarian, they performed mercy mission for the locals that helped address their health and basic needs. These include dental mission, minor surgeries, financial aid, provision of clothing, shoes, clothes, foods, and at the same time, counseling for children’s care, education, and medical issues, and caring for the preservation of the environment. They also help in putting up more security and safety in communities and in transport services in public places as they donated thousands of dashcams for motorbikes and cars used for volunteer purposes. I was in the launching back then and it was definitely surreal. They were also present during the dashcam test and people were really happy about the donation.  Her efforts allowed these people to preserve their culture while tasting a lump of civilization. There is nothing more relieving than knowing that the rich culture of the Philippines remains preserved yet is wide open for the development of its people. With all the charity works that she had done voluntarily, many may think that she was only doing her job as the first lady of the institution. But the truth is it is her deep character that showcased her love for her fellow countrymen. In fact, she also extended her community service through another organization, which proved she indeed was a genuine and a loyal humanitarian.

Aside from her efforts, she was also a commissioned officer where her duties involved disaster preparedness, response, and other humanitarian endeavors, be it medical, surgical, dental, feeding, and providing lectures on diseases and prevention.

All the help she provided was solely for the welfare of the indigenous people, without her expecting or asking for anything in return. But with God’s grace and will, everything that she worked for was paid back abundantly. She was an inspiration to men, women, and children. And as the future comes, her kindness and compassion shall make them strive to continue what she had lived to do, to become a living host of her legacy.


Stay connected


Stay connected and online even if it looks so dangerous to always be online.

This young generation of today is always connected and always updated with the latest news, information, tips and trends. With just the right dosage, these social networking sites can also function as stress busters, especially during times of grief and sorrow. Here are some tips so you can work these to your advantage: stay in touch, learn to listen well, don’t compete and don’t spend too much time online and always be grateful – take the time to thank your family and friends.

On my part, I decided to have schedule of being online. Like, I only spend two hours a day online so I can focus more on work and in household chores. It also helps that while I am online, my internet speed is alrgiht and it is not very frustrating like some people are experiencing. I have itfor wlan access point test where a technician dealt with it and it really helped me a lot.


Making Time for Myself

I have been very busy lately due to work. I got accepted in an advertising agency which I have been eyeing since i was college. It is my dream job to become a creative director for a known advertising company and I got accepted soon after graduated. However, I did not expect this will be too tough for me. I mean, I love my job. Please do not get me wrong but the work has been very overwhelming that I do not know what to put on priority. I think everything should be on top and I just ended up juggling and multitasking every work given to me.

As i was drinking coffee last Tuesday, I though I think I need something to cloud my mind. Something that should take away that stressful moment at work. I think I need to have a passion project. And so i think if getting back to taking photos which for me was my breather in college. I missed my 360 grad kamera and my digital camera which I have been using for six months in college. I think i need to put up again another exhibit after going on a three week rest. I am thinking this would make my mind fresh and delighted.

A Happy Client

Well, I am currently satisfied with the present service of my cheap self storage supplier. This company has been doing well in my business because it helps me tackle tiny things and small problems and they handle it themselves. I love how this company makes it easier for individuals and companies in dealing with their storage space dilemmas and I think it is a big thing. I am glad too because this industry was invented, it serve a very nice idea on us. I have been working and partnering with them for the past 10 months and ever since, I am not disappointed with their service. I love that they are doing their job so great. I can now turn my focal point on making my business grow and prosper and I can just sit back and slow down over small storage spaces problem.