Discovering one’s self

Kindra was traveling solo in Europe.  Three-months later, she went home with a wider perspective on life, and a stronger heart and character that is ready to take on whatever possibilities that come her way. She visit a friend’s family in Benguet just to have a break on her routinely work. With a degree in Anthropology, this lady is not new to visiting remote places and immersing herself to the culture and their people. Adjusting in a new place, and having that constant curiosity on things around her come naturally in her character.Years later, Leah and Gain are two of the most known female travelers in the country—exploring places, meeting people, and pursuing passion one travel destination as a time. may say that traveling solo and slow may be lonely. Terrifying even.

While many thinks they do not want to look like losers for not having any travel buddies, as what TV writer and author Kristin Newman told Time, solo female travelers wanted to get the life they want without having to adjust to anyone’s time and preferences.

“It’s the same how people don’t want to eat dinner alone. I think people are afraid of being lonely, of being scared, of looking like they didn’t have anybody,” she notes, adding she once met a friend who writes best man speech for his clients and also a virtual assistant. It inspired her. Moreover, the scary thought of getting lost, being robbed, and meeting scammers as you go on the streets of a new place may pull you down and make you shun your dream of travelling. But for leah, a freelance writer and editor and the author behind travel blog Solitary Wanderer, solo traveling made her discover herself more—this is amidst the risks. “I have learned that I am strong and confident when I’m traveling alone. I know how to take care of myself,” she says in an interview, adding that one should know the line between chasing dream and risking safety and security. also a freelance writer, can attest to this. She said, “I’ve learned to navigate in strange places and overcome obstacles all by myself. I also get to test my patience and courage and I have more time to reflect.. Aside from meeting new people and learning about the places and their cultures, the two says that going places alone is a way to discover yourself more, away from your comfort zone. You get to learn how to push yourself to the limit—be it that time when you had a tattoo with Whang Od in the mountains of Kalinga, or when do not mind sharing a hostel room with six other foreigners just to save a penny.  Author Candy Spelling wrote in Huffington Post that without anyone to please but yourself alone, you enjoy a sense of independence, while having the opportunity to have a restorative mind. She says, “I think that if you can take a trip on your own, you might find that the peace and tranquility are worth it. It’s just you and the universe—no one to answer to! You may see, as I did, that such a scenario could be very restful and transformative.” She spills that one of its downsides is that when you’d like to take a photo of you in a nice backdrop, no one is there to take yours. She said, “I have to either use the timer, or ask someone else to take it which usually ends up not a good one.” Also, witnessing a spectacular view for the first time gives a kick of melancholy as you also remember people that you want to share the stunning sight with. But more than the view and the blurred shots, solo and slow travelling is rewarding as meeting people along the way is something you can treasure for a lifetime—it may be that photographer you met while in Thailand’s Krabi Island, or the kid who was selling postcards in Vietman. While keeping yourself on guard at all times, Gain says that we should not lose hope in humanity and just give in to the notion that strangers should not be trusted.

Sometimes, strangers find long and lasting friendships to fellow strangers too.

“I have also learned that people are kinder than we give them credit for. Sure, there are places where the people seem rude and unfriendly, but someone’s bound to come and help you out without expecting anything in return,” Gain notes. Fast forward today, Gain is now known to be the Pinay Solo Backpacker. Her blog is her avenue for chronicling the places she visits in an out of the country, as well as in imparting information to fellow travelers around the world. Leah meanwhile, is now crossing diverse cultures, networking with w whole bunch of people who share the same passion, and going places in South America, as she embarked on her two-year journey.

Since last year, been hopping countries from Bolivia, Brazil, and even went hiking up to Peru’s Maccu Pichu and the United States.

For them, they are living the dream.



We want change. That’s the reason why we always found ourselves scribbling resolutions on a paper every year. We desire new great things to happen for the coming year. We all want to be optimistic.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Actually this helps us to have clear direction to jumpstart the year and improve our old life. What the problem is , most of us don’t usually follow those resolutions. They are there for a while with your inexplicable zest to fulfill it then as the time goes by, it all gone. In Filipino term ‘Ningas Kugon.’ Easy said than done.

There is something wrong why we always end up to unfulfilled resolutions. Because the focus of all of them is ourselves.

The selfish pursuit that we have make all of these waste. We don’t need to revise our resolutions. What we need to do is to change our attitude towards our resolutions. Changing ourselves for a better, dedicating it to others will make you more motivated to fulfill it.

Lose weight not just for you to become fab, but to inspire others to have the discipline of eating right and valuing health. Lose weight for your loved one and forget getting envied by others.

Save money for a cause. You can donate it to victims of typhoons or just even giving it to your mom whenever financial crisis occurs in the family.

Pay all debts with the thinking that the person whom you borrowed might need it now. You owe them something which is tantamount to commitment. I am also planning to get to know more about ranking hostingów and others things.

Have good grades not to have additional allowance but to make your parents proud. Making them realize that their hard work is paid-off through your excellent performance in school, will push you to continue this resolution as a long time goal.

Stop vices not just for yourself but as well for those who love you. Your life is intertwined to others. Instead of wasting time for looooooooooong drinking session or one hour smoking five packs of cigarette, why spend it having good laughs and hearty talks to your friends?

The secret of fulfilling resolutions is by setting aside yourself to teh center and letting others be your focus. There’s no other way around. Try it and you’ll see how it works.


Pack in your Travel Bag


MAKEUP IS FUN but when traveling, bringing and putting it on just demand too much space and time. But, if you just pack light and right, you can totally say goodbye to the hassle of traveling with makeup. After all, adventures don’t entail a full makeup do. Minimalism is the key, and you just have to look fresh and natural.

So, if you want to achieve such look, read on as we listed all the stuff that you need to stow in your travel makeup pouch. Promise, it won’t take much!

Foundations can be icky when worn under the sun. Don’t fret. This tinted moisturizer doesn’t just hydrate your face but also evens out your skin tone while protecting your skin from the harmful UV radiation. It’s totes adorable, and the size is just the perfect fit for your makeup pouch. Plus, you even get three products in one!

We all want that cat eye look but not all of us are blessed with steady hands. Well, this eyeliner stamp saves the day! In just one second, you can create the perfect cat eye you’ve been longing for. And it is smudge-proof, water resistant, and long wearing!

Nothing accentuates the eyes than the good ol’ mascara. This Web Fiber Mascara will make your lashes pop a whole day long without a hint of smudge. It is also infused with castor oil which promotes hair growth so you’ll be hitting two birds with this product.

Created with a specific choice of colors for day and night, this Jetsetter Palette will surely take you to places with a playful mood. You can combine different tones for different looks depending on the event or your whereabouts.

Gone were the days when lipsticks come in shiny, smudgy form. Think about food proof and kiss proof—these Girl Gang Matte Liquid Lippies will stay even after taking a bite of pizza or giving a smooch to someone. And they come even come in 20 shades to suit everyone’s skin tone!

So, are you ready for your next adventure with these essentials? By the way, I am currently into leasing right now, most especially into Ford Fiesta deals. I have been using my car for my travels with my partner and I know you will be up for this one too.

A hero

The secret behind every success is a collaborative effort of brilliant minds that share the same vision. Having been the foremost institution in championing peace among nations for over 11 years, the foundation I am currently helping continues to extend a helping hand to poverty-stricken families, especially those living in far-flung rural areas. with the efforts of husband and wife tandem Mikaela Smith and Gilbert Erickson.

Despite the lure lucrative of practice in prominent places, the couple , whom many called as philanthropists, chose to spend her precious time on earth doing community service on behalf of the institution. Together with his husband, she traveled to different areas of the Philippines to serve the indigenous people and help them pave the way for better and more comfortable lives.

As a distinguished doctor and humanitarian, they performed mercy mission for the locals that helped address their health and basic needs. These include dental mission, minor surgeries, financial aid, provision of clothing, shoes, clothes, foods, and at the same time, counseling for children’s care, education, and medical issues, and caring for the preservation of the environment. They also help in putting up more security and safety in communities and in transport services in public places as they donated thousands of dashcams for motorbikes and cars used for volunteer purposes. I was in the launching back then and it was definitely surreal. They were also present during the dashcam test and people were really happy about the donation.  Her efforts allowed these people to preserve their culture while tasting a lump of civilization. There is nothing more relieving than knowing that the rich culture of the Philippines remains preserved yet is wide open for the development of its people. With all the charity works that she had done voluntarily, many may think that she was only doing her job as the first lady of the institution. But the truth is it is her deep character that showcased her love for her fellow countrymen. In fact, she also extended her community service through another organization, which proved she indeed was a genuine and a loyal humanitarian.

Aside from her efforts, she was also a commissioned officer where her duties involved disaster preparedness, response, and other humanitarian endeavors, be it medical, surgical, dental, feeding, and providing lectures on diseases and prevention.

All the help she provided was solely for the welfare of the indigenous people, without her expecting or asking for anything in return. But with God’s grace and will, everything that she worked for was paid back abundantly. She was an inspiration to men, women, and children. And as the future comes, her kindness and compassion shall make them strive to continue what she had lived to do, to become a living host of her legacy.


Stay connected


Stay connected and online even if it looks so dangerous to always be online.

This young generation of today is always connected and always updated with the latest news, information, tips and trends. With just the right dosage, these social networking sites can also function as stress busters, especially during times of grief and sorrow. Here are some tips so you can work these to your advantage: stay in touch, learn to listen well, don’t compete and don’t spend too much time online and always be grateful – take the time to thank your family and friends.

On my part, I decided to have schedule of being online. Like, I only spend two hours a day online so I can focus more on work and in household chores. It also helps that while I am online, my internet speed is alrgiht and it is not very frustrating like some people are experiencing. I have itfor wlan access point test where a technician dealt with it and it really helped me a lot.


Making Time for Myself

I have been very busy lately due to work. I got accepted in an advertising agency which I have been eyeing since i was college. It is my dream job to become a creative director for a known advertising company and I got accepted soon after graduated. However, I did not expect this will be too tough for me. I mean, I love my job. Please do not get me wrong but the work has been very overwhelming that I do not know what to put on priority. I think everything should be on top and I just ended up juggling and multitasking every work given to me.

As i was drinking coffee last Tuesday, I though I think I need something to cloud my mind. Something that should take away that stressful moment at work. I think I need to have a passion project. And so i think if getting back to taking photos which for me was my breather in college. I missed my 360 grad kamera and my digital camera which I have been using for six months in college. I think i need to put up again another exhibit after going on a three week rest. I am thinking this would make my mind fresh and delighted.

A Happy Client

Well, I am currently satisfied with the present service of my cheap self storage supplier. This company has been doing well in my business because it helps me tackle tiny things and small problems and they handle it themselves. I love how this company makes it easier for individuals and companies in dealing with their storage space dilemmas and I think it is a big thing. I am glad too because this industry was invented, it serve a very nice idea on us. I have been working and partnering with them for the past 10 months and ever since, I am not disappointed with their service. I love that they are doing their job so great. I can now turn my focal point on making my business grow and prosper and I can just sit back and slow down over small storage spaces problem.

A Date Night

I am excited to have a date night with one of my long time friend. He recently visited our hometown and he asked if I am free on a Friday night so we can hang out in a nearby bar. It has been almost six years since we parted ways. We will also be seeing out other friends—Lisa,Tanya, Kenny, and Kirk for our his homecoming. He is an architect and he is now based in Singapore. He will be in town for a few months and we can’t wait to hangout. Anyway, I am thinking what to wear in the event. You see, I have not been out in years and this is actually the first time in ages I will be meeting up with someone. I was not the go-to girl in our office and everyone is like teasing me to at least dress up. Good thing my roommate Bea give me this best wooded watches she purchased for my birthday. She also helped me in choosing the dress appropriate for a date night with my old friends. And she let me borrow her black heels which was a little awkward to wear first. I also bought this little tote bag last weekend to complement my look. And I went to the salon in the weekend so I can get my hair and nails done. I am actually excited about this meet up because we have not seen each other in ages and I am sure we will enjoy the night just like the old times.

Wooden Watches, Anyone?


Anyone who loves wearing accessories would agree with me when I say wearing watches is a must. I mean, aside from its obvious use which is to show time, it makes an outfit complete and standout. Many will agree too that we should all have at least a couple of watches available in their closet to fit in their wardrobe. I am a collector of watches. I have many in different hues and my favorite ones are the black leather ones which complements almost all of my outfits.

However lately, I am loving my new set of watches. They are not just the plain old style watches I usually buy. This time, they are Zegarki wooden watches. Yes, wooden watches! I have not brought anything like it before and it really amazed me how people can do such a clever and nice wooden design. I bought a couple of wooden watches at Plantwear’s online shop. They have a cool array of really nice designs and I bought the brown and pink ones. Pink is my favorite color and I love every hue of it. As of brown, I just think I need a brown watch so I can have some earthly colors injected into my collection. Most of my collections are actually black, blue, neon, and pink. So for a change, I definitely think having pink and brown will make my collection stand out from the rest.

Serum’s Wonder

A great Vitamin C serum for face is an unbelievable tool. I have put in a lot of thought about this… So, in my opinion, I guess my thesis is that the people in the world have always been insecure about the physical effects of aging on their face and skin. Yes I don’t think that that is a groundbreaking claim, but I do think that it is something that a lot of people deny when it personally applies to them. Especially men. But what I’m saying is that this Serum is something that can actually be a natural and organic and yet scientifically to FDA approved way of dealing with your aging issues and there’s not very many ways to do that in the world that are so organic and healthy. Yes, so, I think that this is literally steal of a deal. When I think of all the other things I could spend $20 on, I mean really, if this means having two and a half less beers on a monthly basis because I want to feel better about my skin by using the serum, and that’s how I choose to offset the cost, that is a huge game for me. And, let me say, that I’m somebody who absolutely love is beer, and if push come to shove I would probably remove something else from my life before those two and a half beers, but if it was a choice between the vitamin C serum to totally rejuvenate my face and Revitalize my existence, or those two and a half beers over a month, I would choose the vitamin C serum literally seven times 07, 100% of the time no questions asked, I well maybe one question asked, but honestly, to be exact exact, this is the best thing that I could ever have on my face, it makes such a difference, and it started to make a difference almost immediately.