The ultimate 360 camera Should Use At Least Once In Your Lifetime

360 camera

We live in a spherical world then why capture our moments in flat videos and pictures. This thought has been on my mind since 360 cameras were launched. Pictures are a great way of expressing and capturing precious moments. Those moments which we want to live again, try to feel again. One picture speaks thousand of words but if the picture is from a 360 camera ( with every view), that could tell a whole tale. And you could share that tale with your friends on facebook, youtube, and other social platforms.

Store all your moments:

You can store every moment while recording from a 360 camera. You don’t have to worry about the angle of the camera or what is being captured. A 360 camera will record everything going around you even if you missed it( a 360 camera never misses a moment). Suppose that you are at the high school party and you want to record all of it(once a lifetime event!). Yet, you want to enjoy the party without worrying about the angle of the camera and all that. Guess what! 360 camera can do that for you. It will record all of it from every view without missing an instant(cool huh!).

After knowing all about the importance and need of 360 cameras in today’s fast life. You will be wondering which is the best 360 camera? Let me make it easy for you to find the  best 360 camera in town.

After checking a lot of cameras and closely looking at their specs, user experience, video quality, ease of use, the range of recording, and storage. The camera which took my attention is 360fly 4k HD camera.

360fly 4K HD camera:

This camera is just awesome. It’s exterior is just irresistible. When I first saw it I thought it’s something fancy. But except having a fancy shape it is also great in performance. It has a shockproof body. Its distinctive characteristic is the quality of images and videos. Everyone likes high-quality images. You know what’s another great thing about 360fly 4K is that it just records every moment in so detail.(never misses a thing). I feel so great that I can record all of my important moments by just pushing a button. The rest is done by it.

For me, it’s the best because it has got a lot of great reviews. People are just becoming fans of it.  And I am also it’s the biggest fan. First, when I thought of buying a 360 camera there were lots of fancy cameras on the market I was just confused. A friend referred me to 360fly 4k camera, so I went for it and bought it. Now I am referring it to everyone. It is seriously a thing!

The comfort of having a 360fly 4K camera:

Last week, I went on a picnic with some friends. I wanted to record all of it. So I just turned it on and after that, I didn’t have to bother about it. It just recorded all of it without any drop in the quality and with so fine stitching of all the angles(still thankful!).

360 camera

Ease of use:

It is easy to use because it has just one camera. Just hold it in our hand and with just one click whole story is being captured in a beautiful spherical image. Actually, 360 cameras require a selfie stick to record all the angles. You can also use it by holding in your hand but there is a chance that your hand my block view from your side. It is also good for cyclists and bikers who want to record their journeys from all aspects. After recording your videos it has a mobile app which processes the video and converts it into a format which could be shared on social platforms.


It records all the videos in high resolution of  2880 x 2880. It has 64GB built-in memory which could store important videos without worrying about the storage. It supports both android and iOS devices.It has a powerful battery of 1780 mAH.

Resolution :  2880 x 2880

Storage: 64GB

Supported mobile: iOS9 or later+ Android 4.4+

Supported PC: Mac OS X, Window

Battery  : 1780 mAH

How We Organized Our BBQ party


We have our lovely country house near the sea. Last year we upgraded our second home with new furniture, but still we didn’t like them. I wanted to change the design completely. You know, sometimes it can happen to every woman and we have a big desire to throw away old things and replace them with new ones. I guess, this is also the effect of spring, because we’ve just woken from the long winter sleep. Moreover, some of our chairs were broken. Anyway, we had to look for new ones. They expected to be modern and comfortable. We simply entered “The most fashionable furniture of 2017 year” to a Google and came across Adirondack Chair. That was the easiest way and we usually buy things from the Internet.  It seems to me that time is precious I don’t want to spend it in the shop. This is ridiculous.  If I don’t like the product I can send it back.

Anyway, they are really amazing and there are different types of these chairs. Everyone is able to find something for his own taste, because they are presented in different colors, sizes, materials. You can also observe different prices from 50-400$. It depends for which purposes you buy these chairs and, of course, how rich you are. As we don’t have problems with money and we planned to make our country house the best place, we decided to buy POLYWOOD South Beach model. Just look how beautiful they are! I can’t catch my eyes from them.  They honestly declare “you get what you pay for”. I completely satisfied with the quality. I haven’t noticed any problem with them. I am sure it will remain the same even after years of using. The style is so nice, so that I will never get bored, I don’t want to change them anymore. How wonderful! I just simply changed my design with those chairs. I even didn’t want to buy something else, except flowers and food.

The menu was varied. I prepared well for this special event in order to surprise my friends. They know I am not good in cooking, but I hiddenly joined the course, so now I am like a professional chef. I want to point out tossed salad, sandwiches from the grill, BBQ ribs and grilled veggies. Finally, they liked my dishes and said it was extremely delicious.

This evening was marvelous. I got many compliments from my friends. The excellent food and new chairs definitely made our party pleasurable. I was so happy!

Please tell me, how you prepare for BBQ party? Do you want to buy the same chairs for your home?

How to Monitor Baby’s Movement 

Being a mother is a tough

Whether you are a mom or not you should definitely understand me. Have you ever faced with the problem of being in two places simultaneously? Probably “YES” if you have a little baby. It’s not an easy task to control everything around. And don’t think that I am lazy or whatever. I love my baby and I care too much about her. I just want to make it a little bit easier for me. I got very nervous every time, when I leave her and go to the kitchen in order to prepare some food.

This week’s research has inspired me to write a simple comment of using a Comfort Cam. After struggling for the whole month, I suddenly understood that I must find a way. But how can I make it? I thought that, maybe, I should find a babysitter? Fortunately, I kept this consideration on hold and found an alternative way. Well, how is that happening? I came across the advert from a social media, which linked me to the right website. To my surprise, it was exactly the thing I was looking for with a very price. I ordered it and after now I am able to monitor a baby by myself! Only imagine, I monitor my baby with the app using the Wifi. I am not good in technology at all, but even for me it wasn’t so difficult. Now you can simply set up this magic cam and get the video as well as photos right on the screen. All you need is to just download and a specific app and have a wireless connection in your house. Sounds good, isn’t it? I don’t need to worry anymore and this is great that I can stop nervous about the safety of my child for a while. My friends usually ask me “How is that possible?” and I reply, “With the growing of modern technology it became a reality”. Moreover, there are many other electronic devices that are able to make your life happier, but for now I would like to focus on this excellent device.

I Can Speak with her being anywhere

I don’t want to write about the detailed instructions, because it’s really easy to get used to it – nothing is complicated. I’d rather tell you more about the functionality. I guess, I should point out the other important function of this camera, it is the night vision. I can check what she is doing at night with the help of it. I can speak with her being far and hear her sweet voice. Oh, how I love it! With a comfort cam I feel that I am always with my daughter, and I know that my girl feels the same. Time is flying, she is growing. Day by day I admire the way how my baby is changing and my camera records every single moment of her wonderful life.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

This is really great that people invented such a wonderful thing! When I am far and see that my baby is playing and smiling, I feel myself as the happiest woman on this earth! It allows me to feel myself more relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere, even when I am far from her. This means that I can plan my daily routine in A more productive and convenient way.
Finally, no one can deny that camera makes your life happier and safer. I am more confident and I don’t afraid to leave her alone in the room, because I know that I will be able to monitor her with the help of the app on my mobile phone. And if she cries I will quickly come and hug her.
It’s worth every penny! This stuff works very well and it never lets me down. I am planning to use this helpful camera in the future!

Three Reasons Why I Love Unu Motors

I usually post things I love. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you’ll get to check how I usually post reviews like food, restaurants, cafes, book, movies, and ever television series I love. For this post, I would like to share with you how I love Unu Motors and why I think you should too.

Unu Motors is a company in The Netherlands which specializes in electric scooters or the ‘elektrische scooter.’ I was there for six months and all my transportation, from one place to another, is through their electric scooters. It made me love this kind of transportation and I think every people should try using it too. Here my reasons!

  1. Driven by Electricity

Ever heard of a transport vehicle powered by electricity? Unu Motors has got you covered. It is amazing how a company is driven by their advocacy to save mother earth. This is their way of giving back, of being an earth friendly company and I think people should be aware and support these kinds of company. Unu Motors really make a great impact to the community.

  1. Portable Battery for Convenience

What is amazing about this is that when you our purchased an electric scooter, you are given a portable battery which you can bring just about anywhere! How cool is that! This means you no longer have to go back to your house to charge or change battery because you can actually bring it anytime. So anytime your battery runs out, I think this is a nice way to save time, resources, and money too!

  1. Customer Care and Delivery at its Best

You can actually shop online with unu motors unlike other shops where you need to be physically in their stores for you to purchase one. The thing is, this is the best option for people. Let me also add that their customer service representatives are all trained well. They attend to a lot of my concerns and I commend them for that.

Planning on Taking Real Estate Marketing

I have always looked up to people who pursue their dreams, even it might take a long time. It can be months, years, a decade perhaps, but if they have they volition to chase them, it will come true.

For the past days I am thinking of pursuing a career I have been interested into for quite some time now. You see my uncle is into sales and marketing. I also have a friend who made business selling things and having large profits. She is living the dream while returning home with enough money for her three kids. Not that I am for things that will bring bigger bucks, it’s just that I am inspired to pursue dreams I think I wouldn’t able to reach.

For the past months, I have been researching about marketing, especially real estate marketing. I have taken up a degree on marketing. I also had an internship in a publishing company where I served as a digital marketer for four years. What I did their is to conduct pocket events for shareholders and the media. I mostly enjoyed dealing with people in the media. They made me feel really alive. They are witty, intelligent, has a lot of various experiences doing coverage’s, and ever fun to be with. I have organized small events, focus group discussion about several brands I am handling, as well as talk to different seminars as well as schools and organizations about my products. I was glad I was able to fulfil all these, while meeting a lot of people along the way.

I have stopped working for months, because I need to make my priorities straight again after a bad fall. A couple of months I backpacked around Southeast Asia—Bangkok, Myanmar, and Laos. And while I enjoyed being a digital nomad, meeting people, learning culture and going from one place to another, I realized I need to go home, and build the path where my heart lies. I have learned many lessons while travelling, and I know deep in my heart I need to take my career on a notch higher.

I am going back to marketing. This time, I will be focusing on real estate marketing as a Vancouver realtor. While I have been armed with four years of being in the field, not to mention the years I had in college, I will still take short courses about it to firmly grasp the industry. Why real estate? I love homes. I love helping people find their homes. I want to help them look for the place where they can start their family, build their business, and find themselves. Whether is a townhouse, an establishment, or a building, I want to help people grow. And I know marketing is not just about direct selling a product or a business. It also gives hope as well as positivity into one’s life. I thank my family and friends who vowed their support when I announced this decision to them two days ago when we had our dinner. I am excited to uncover a new chapter in my life. Wish me luck!

Hubby Gifts!

So it is time to shop for my hubby’s gift. It is always fun and stressful at the same time. I love shopping, obviously, but when it is for somebody you really truly care about it becomes much more difficult. I usually go to a website like Survival cooking and do a lot of research about all the different new cooking and grilling tools and end up buying him something like that. However, I have been thinking about buying a watch. There are a lot of great choices, so I looked for the best watches under 500 that are available and I think that he would appreciate having a classy accessory like that. He is a bit of a classic, old-fashioned man, but I don’t think that his blue collar will keep him from wanting to look nice every now and then. Every now and then he seems to eye up something nice, like a watch, but he would never spend his own money on something like that. As a woman, I know that means that it would make a PERFECT gift. The “perfect gift” might be a hard thing to expect or to find, but I do believe that this year it is a really nice watch. I have a lot of faith in this idea, and I think he is going to be thrilled with the result that comes out of my great idea for him.

I’m still here….

Finally, on a day I’m at home with yet another allergic reaction to some unknown trigger, I’m able to do some writing. Finally. I’ve been wanting to write so bad over these past couple of months. Unfortunately, my life and my whole world as I knew it changed about 6 months ago.

You see, on March 6, 2014, I became a victim of infidelity. My husband came home that evening and dropped a bombshell on me. He told me had been having an affair, fell in love with the whore (can I say that? Yes, it’s MY blog and it IS the truth – it’s not me just being jealous or petty because believe me, I could NEVER be jealous of someone like HER), and, no, he didn’t want to fix the marriage. Then he packed a bag and left. That’s it. My whole world shattered that evening. I was left sitting in shock, disbelief, anger, and confusion.

That very same morning I received an email that my blog had been nominated for one of the top 10 Food Blogs for 2014. I was so, so happy!!! Finally my blog was heading in the direction I had been working hard on getting it to!! I was dancing. I was happy. I was screaming with excitement!! I was so happy that morning. Little did I know my world was actually falling apart around me at that moment and I didn’t even know it. (You can read my post that I had started writing that afternoon here: I’ve Been Nominated!).

Crazy how in just one day, a person can go to being on top of the world to being utterly lost and scared to death of life. I had been married once before and that marriage also ended because of infidelity. That one was hard for me to deal with as I instantly became a single mother with a young child. However, that first marriage was a very short one and I had already been on my own for almost a year so I healed faster in terms of being able to function on a daily basis. That trust that was broken by my “first love” caused me to be on my own for almost ten years. It took that long before I felt ready enough to try to trust and love again.

So fast forward another 11 years and I was so very happily married to my best friend and soul mate. Or so I thought. He never told me why. He never told me what was wrong. I never knew “we” were having issues. Still to this day, I don’t know what happened. He just walked out the door.

After being together almost 11 years, I had allowed myself to become totally dependent on him. He was the main bread winner and my income was just supplementing his. Everything we had was in his name alone. I blindly gave him all my delicate trust when I fell deeply in love with him. I never once thought twice about any of that because I honestly never thought that he wasn’t my forever. I just saw us growing old together, enjoying some grandkids, and spending our golden years reminiscing about that crazy but wonderful life we had spent together. We had some pretty amazing memories from those first 10 years together – I never thought it would just end.

But it did. He just walked out that door. He walked away from everything. I was left sitting here surrounded by our memories and his stuff. To say I was blindsided is putting it mildly. Not only was I left sitting in shock, hurt, disbelief – oh so many emotions – I was consumed with fear. I had no idea how on earth I was going to take care of myself financially. I didn’t know how I was going to go to work in the morning and put on a smile for my kiddos at school. I didn’t know if I could even look at anyone in the eye because I was afraid they’d see whatever it is that’s wrong with me that would cause my husband to just walk away.

My best friend became ice water in the first couple of weeks after that. I tried to eat but it was so hard. I couldn’t sleep much, but when I did sleep, I developed night terrors. I became afraid to go to sleep because of the nightmares and then I would be afraid to wake up because my living nightmare would become real once again.

Thank God for the internet!!! I don’t think I would have made it through those first weeks and months if it hadn’t have been for my friends and family. Being in touch with so many via chat and messages truly helped me keep my sanity. I also found an online support group who really keep me grounded when I need to be. One of the things he said to me that night he destroyed my heart was: “you’re strong and can handle this”. Really??? Say that while you’re slowly turning a knife in my heart??

Now, six long months later, I can say Damn Right!!! I AM strong enough to handle this!!! I do still have nightmares at times, I still suffer from anxiety attacks, I still have down days, I still cry from time to time, and I still wonder what happened, but I AM moving on. I am functioning. I have accepted what has happened and that, subsequently, I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD which I need to be medicated for. I’m still not at complete peace with it though. I still can’t forgive. That may take years, but you know what?? I will be okay. I did nothing wrong to deserve what happened and the position I was left in.

I now work a variety of jobs trying to earn what I need to in order to be self sufficient again. I still have my “lunch lady” job and I also took on the challenge of opening a brand new restaurant as their kitchen manager. Between those two and a couple of other jobs I do, I barely have time to myself anymore. Phew!!!

A lot of things died in me the night he left, including my enjoyment of making my decoupaged plates. I was in the middle of an order at that time and just cannot bring myself to finish it. I have to pay the money back for that order…. I truly didn’t know what, if anything, I’d ever find joy in again. Luckily, my passion for writing and food carries on!

I will be making changes to my blog in the near future and removing “Scott’s Spot”. I won’t remove all the stories that he’s a part of because one day, I’ll be okay with reading them and remembering that we did have a good marriage and relationship. That it really wasn’t a decade of wasted years. I’d really like to believe that.

I have so many new things to share on here! Working in a restaurant is amazing!!!! I have new recipes, school stories, and a whole bunch of other stories I’m itching to share! I hope to get to a point within all this new “busyness” that I can write more often. However, for today, I just wanted to share what is behind my quietness here on That Crafty Lunch Lady.

I am still here and I’m still cooking! Oh, and in case you’re wondering – That Crafty Lunch Lady did make the top 10 Food Blogs for 2014 AND my blog is now also featured on TheBesty – a website that helps you discover the best restaurants and dishes in your city and when you travel based on input from bloggers. Woo Hoo!!  (Stop by my page on TheBesty and follow me!)

The Fast Changing World

We are now living in a fast changing world. I can definitely feel it. Anything and everthing is right at your fingertips. Mails are now electronics. Cars can now be shared through carpooling and you can book it in seconds. People can now travel cheaper and more conveniently. People can now go places, invent things, innovate things, and even make robots to replace what human does.

Is this alarming? yes, a little. But this can guarantee a better world also if we use the technology in a nice and positive way and not to harm earth and its people.

My kids are always glued in their own tablets or in their cellphone. I am also guilty of this and my husband, who is a specialist in creating app marketing strategy for various companies. We are working with technology every day and we hope we can make the earth a better place through the advent of technology. I work as a home base web developer which typically stays me up all day and all night in front of the computer.

They say technology is changing the lives of people very quickly. From the way they eat, they do things, they date, and even on dealing with relationships.

But I hope technology will still continue to be of good use in the world and not be harmful.

Here’s a thoughtful talk about tech and humanity:

Planning to Visit Vancouver Soon

Vancouver is an area that has always interested me. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time. I’ve never been there before. Whenever I tell people about it, they don’t really know or understand what I’m interested in visiting the city. There are lots of reasons..

First of all, I’ve actually always been a fan of their sports teams. The BC Lions and the Vancouver Canucks we’re both the favorite teams of one of my uncles who lived in Vancouver while I was growing up, and since I was not that into sports before his influence, I ended up following those teams as well. It was weird, and I have not a die-hard sports fan, but I think my uncle would be proud if I went to a sports game of one of those teams that he taught me to like.

Also, Vancouver is one of those really interesting cities that blends nature and outdoor wonders of the natural environment with urban city life. I’m really interested in seeing that. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the campus of UBC, as well as Stanley Park, and several areas of the coastline along the city. I can’t wait to check that out.

Finally, and this might come as a bit of a surprise, but I’ve been considering making a real estate investment for some time now. I know it might seem crazy to invest in property and one of the most expensive cities on the continent, but it’s actually beginning to seem like that bubble is not close to bursting, and that the prices are just going to keep Rising. I was considering investing years ago, like five years ago, and a lot of people told me not to. Property prices have soared in that time, and had I invested when I wanted to, I would have absolutely made significant amount of money off of my investment. People are still saying that it’s not a good idea to invest, but when I listen to them five years ago it ended up costing me a lot. I’ve been talking to a Vancouver Realtor about Burnaby condos for sale, and when I come up to visit he is going to show me some of the best ones in my price range. Burnaby is just outside of Vancouver. There are also some cool Coal Harbour condos for sale people can check out. Yes, I can’t wait to head up to Vancouver, I’m just finalizing the details now, but rest assured that no matter what happens I’ll have all sorts of interesting photos and stories to tell about my experience!

~Still Struggling~

After struggling through this past week, I’m finding a little strength  to write again. Actually,I’m truly feeling like I’m being driven to put this all down on paper. Well, virtual paper…

Unfortunately the hopeful optimism I felt in my last post didn’t last long. I find myself going through valleys of wonderful, awesome highs and scary, dark lows with a lot of twist and turns and tears in between.

While my love of cooking has returned, I’m very sad that nothing else really has yet. I write down recipes, take pictures of food, and sing and dance all while doing that, but when I sit down to work with it, all the joy just goes away again. I can’t yet bring myself to edit my pictures or work with crafts or even look at my blog. I had no idea that I lost so much in this past year just from one devastating event. I was truly hoping that by the time 2015 arrived, all the hurt and pain would be gone and I would be moved on to something bigger and better for me. That’s not the case at all.

I’m not divorced yet because I cannot agree to the ridiculousness of the “terms”. That’s all I can focus on right now, besides being scared to death of potentially becoming homeless. The way in which he left me and the living conditions in which he left me in do not make for me being very agreeable to his “terms”.

If you read my last post (I’m Still Here), you know he left me for a married whore (and they are now living together). What I didn’t share and haven’t shared with hardly anyone is the living conditions in which we lived in. I’m ashamed of this house and had been for quite a long time – hence the reason we never invited anyone to our house. But now, I feel like I need to share this to get it off my chest. I can no longer feel guilty for the conditions of this place as I never was the one who had the income needed to make any repairs. I still don’t have the income to fix it, but even if I did, I no longer care about this place. I want out. I wanted out of this house for years.

You see, one of the “terms” of the divorce is that he originally wanted me to pay HALF the mortgage to stay here. Uh, I couldn’t help pay when you lived here, I don’t know what makes you think I can now. I mean, yes, I do have 3 jobs now, but my priority is to save money to GET OUT!!! ….Sorry, I digressed there…. Then he reduced the “terms” to $200 a month so that he can put some away for possible repairs. I lost a gasket in my brain when I read the words “possible repairs”.

This house was falling apart on the day he left me. There are numerous roof leaks, most of my appliances don’t work (I haven’t been able to cook in an oven for over 3 years now, but he graciously added in the “terms” that I can have the appliances…), most of the light fixtures half work (I use a heat lamp in my bedroom for light), the plumbing barely works (I am down to one bathroom that functions), and most disturbing/embarrassing of all is that this place is over ridden with bugs. None of that has changed or gotten worse since he left. Yes, there are holes in the walls placed there by all three of our kids over the years we lived here. The house does have typical wear and tear from 10 years of living life. Half of the mess still laying around everywhere is his.  This is what he left me in when he walked away that night.

When I last posted, I was working 5 jobs. Now I’m down to 3. The kitchen manager position I had was taken away from me when they hired a new restaurant manager and then they reduced my hours to 10 a week and reduced my pay to just minimum wage. I politely handed in my uniform…. The Summer Feeding program was just for the summer, obviously. So with these 3 jobs (including a promotion to Manager In Training in food services!!!) my income has improved, but not to the point of being able to be completely independent.

I traded him my car that I loved for one that he bought as I couldn’t afford a car payment. He kept telling me he wished he could pay the car off and just give it to me. Whatever. The reality is that I can’t afford to pay for a home AND a car. I’m scared that I can’t even afford a place to live either. Well, I could afford somewhere to live but then I wouldn’t be able to eat or put gas in the paid-for car. <<Sigh>>

I’ve looked into the Section 8 program – it could take up to 2 years before being approved!!! I can’t wait that long. It’s imperative that I’m out of this hell hole before the end of 2015!!! I just pray that a way will be placed in front of me that will work.

If nothing else over this past year, I’ve learned a lot more about faith, compassion, gratitude, and humility. I still have a lot of grief and hurt to overcome as I found out this past holiday week, but I have also learned that the only way to heal from the pain is to actually go through it. Rascal Flatts’ song, “Let It Hurt”, spoke to me so perfectly early on after he left.  Here’s the chorus:

“So let it hurt, let it bleed
Let it take you right down to your knees
Let it burn to the worst degree
May not be what you want, but it’s what you need
Sometimes the only way around it
Is to let love do it’s work
And let it hurt
Yeah, let it hurt”

I know I’m going to be okay, it’s a just a long road getting there. I am still here and still yearn to find the joy in the things I used to love doing. In the meantime, loyal readers, please just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I don’t know when I’ll write again, but hopefully it will be soon and with a whole new beginning in front of me.