Thinking About Buying Kokoro™ by Ivy and Wilde?

I’ve recently ventured into Asian cooking – mainly inspired by my Japanese boyfriend. I grew up in a very British household, and while I can make a mean steak pudding, my skills in more exotic cuisines are…less than impressive. However, after seeing the crazy and wonderful dishes he makes, it gave me the motivation to try it out for myself!

My photo is shown above, and here’s what is advertised on the website:

Pretty close!

Being the all-or-nothing kind of girl that I am, I decided to go all out for this exciting venture and buy some authentic plates for my (hopefully) authentic meals. I wasn’t even sure where to begin – and at the risk of looking silly to my lovely boyfriend – did some online investigation.

Which led me to this delightful set of plates! I wasn’t too sure what ‘culturally luxurious’ meant, but they certainly looked cool. I’d never actually used Ivy and Wilde before, so it was a leap of faith when it came to the purchase. With lots of choice in the style of plate I wanted, I had a little play around and selected a few different plates I liked the look of. I’m in unchartered territory, I thought to myself – but the free shipping brought me back to my comfort zone.

Which is why I was delightfully surprised when the order arrived promptly to my door. Hesitantly, I opened the package to discover beautiful, quality dishes. I’m not sure what ‘authentic’ is supposed to look like, but these plates really do feel like the real deal.

At this point I was fairly mesmerised with their aesthetic side, but would they withstand the test of my exotic cooking? There was no better time to try. So without further ado, I pulled up a recipe from the internet for Chicken Noodle Ramen. A dash of spice here, a swig of soy sauce there and I was left with a fairly impressive rendition of a classic Japanese dish! I picked up one of the rounded dishes and scooped the noodle broth in. The feeling of eating a homemade Japanese meal in gorgeous, Japanese-style dishes was incredible. At this point, I plucked up the confidence to inform my boyfriend that I’d be making some home-style food for him. The dishes would be a nice surprise for him too.

Close up 🙂

Being dishwasher friendly was a massive bonus as I crammed them in and eagerly jumped on the web for more dishes to try out. My second meal was Japanese dumplings (Gyoza) and Katsu chicken curry. It might not have been Gordon Ramsey-level, but it was certainly good enough to impress my boyfriend. He was pretty touched by my efforts to integrate his heritage in the food. But in my opinion, the food wouldn’t have tasted as good if not for the gorgeous plates and bowls it was held in. The intricate, delicate styling of each dish truly reflected Japanese culture. I can definitely say that by having the right dishes, you can turn a mediocre meal into something far more wowing. I definitely recommend these!