What You Need to Know About Xsite Pro Web Design Software

For anyone who is thinking about, or is just getting started, in building their own website, Xsite Pro is the only way to go. Whether you need to build a website for your own business or you are building several different adsense or affiliate websites, this product is simply amazing. The software takes you by the hand and basically builds your website for you. There is no trying to figure out html code. All you need to do is add the content!
When I made the decision to put up my own website and market my book over the Internet, I had no clue as to how to get started. I had absolutely no knowledge of how to build my own website and add my product to it. That’s when a friend suggested I take a look at Xsite Pro. I jumped over to their website and took a quick look around for a few minutes.

Once I was on their site I watched the video they make available called the 7 reasons why you need Xsite Pro. I immediately knew that this is what I needed. What the company gives you for $197 is a complete package of software services that allows you to include practically everything you could ever need for your own website. Ask the experts or research first via web hosting Canada reviews.

Xsite Pro comes with a complete series of 11 videos that walk you through every aspect of building your own website. For those who like to read their information they also have a 400 page instructional manual to guide you along. For me, being able to watch someone actually use the software and build a site from scratch is the easiest way for me to learn. It eliminates the guesswork on my part.

The Xsite Pro website builder software includes features such as:

– A full set of various website templates in all different styles, colors and patterns

– The ability to easily change your header wording and even upload your own unique header quickly and effortlessly

– Add your meta tags and keywords for each webpage

– Copy and paste your content onto your site and immediately publish

– Easily insert Google Adsense ads onto any page you desire with just a click of a button. The code is automatically generated for you.

– A navigation menu, footer menu and a site map

– An SEO page that tells you exactly what you need to do step-by-step to make your website search engine friendly and gain higher rankings

– Built in spell checker

– Add links within your pages that pop up in a new window instead of taking your visitor away from your website

– Import pictures and add tables

That is just a brief description of what Xsite Pro will do for you. Using their software and watching the video tutorials I was able to build and publish my very first website in one day. It was that simple. So if you are looking for a solution getting your own website up and running without having to pay a web designer big bucks, you will want to take a good look at Xsite Pro.

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