Top 5 New Skincare Items: Gotta Have Products!


You had better believe I’ve spent my fair share of time flipping through Sephora catalogs and adding items to my wish list via their website. All that time has been well spent, too. Here’s a list I’ve concocted of the top 5 new must-have skincare items! Check it out:
Herbal Recovery Gel by Jurlique, $67 – Jurlique is a new product line at that uses natural resources in its skincare items. Because the items come from Mother Earth, they nourish and bring out that natural beauty everyone desires. The Herbal Recovery Gel, a powerful anti-aging cream, is especially great. As the Sephora website says, the gel “restores, firms, hydrates, and revitalizes the skin to minimize the visible signs of aging. With its rich infusion of herbs and precious plant oils, this expert treatment will bring out your skin’s most youthful glow.”

Tawaka Rejuvenating Lip Kit, $44 – When it comes to looking good, lips are everything. That’s why the brand new Tawaka Rejuvenating Lip Kit is a must-have when it comes to your skincare needs. It’s a two-pieced lip care set that works wonders on your smackers. Not only does it exfoliate, condition and perfect, it does so in a 100% all-natural way. That’s right, Tawaka’s Lip Kit is free of artificial enhances (like colors, silicones and preservatives). It includes the Tawaka Lip Exfoliating Cream and the Tawaka Lip Care Treatment.

Birthday Cake Batter Collection By Dylan’s Candybar, $16-22 – Cake batter is not just something to put in your mouth. These days, skincare companies like Dylan’s Candybar (love the name) are serving up delectable treats that are meant for your skin. I just love this whole Dylan line and am, obviously, especially drawn to the cake batter option. The scent is sweet, flirty and sugary and definitely gives you that whole “baking in the kitchen” feel. It’s not too heavy of a scent so don’t worry about it weighing you down like some super sugary scents can do. The body wash is definitely a winner for it’s rich lather and leaves you feeling ultra smooth.

Combat Lines Face Moisturizer SPF 30 by Billy Jealousy, $38 – I simply adore multi-tasking skincare products like dermaroller amazon. That’s why Billy Jealousy’s Combat Lines Face Moisturizer is a winner in my book and it deserves an automatic spot on my list. This hydrating, age defying sun screen (SPF 30) puts all the latest sun protection technology into it’s fierce 3.5 ounce bottle. It shields your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, minimizes wrinkles and enriches your skin with all sorts of vitamin goodness. And for $38? Honey, that’s a bargain.

RareMinerals 30-Day Skin Revival Duo by Bare Escentuals, $32 – People can’t seem to stop talking about this wonderful new product by Bare Escentuals. It’s a limited-time revolutionary collection whose purpose is to “revive, renew, and reveal radiant, healthier-looking skin,” says the Sephora website. Basically, it’s a 30-day product that ultimately leaves the user with a heavenly complexion. Keeping in line with other Bare Escentual products, this kit is composed of antioxidants and botanicals. The Sephora website also says of the ground breaking product, “it is the first clinically-proven mineral-based nighttime skincare treatment that effectively, yet comfortably, works to exfoliate and renew skin for visibly smaller pores and increased skin luminosity. It restores and re-energizes your skin while you sleep, so you can wake up with a radiant glow.” Love it!

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