Several Reasons Why an in Home Day Care May Not Work for Your Family


Many women are trying to come up with additional ways to earn a living and make ends meet. Some families have even decided to open their home, and start babysitting in order to earn the additional income that they need. Online you will see a large number of reasons why many feel that having an in home day care is a good idea. There are however many reasons why you may not want to have an in home day care. Below you will find five reasons why an in home day care may not be a good idea for you and your family.

An invitation to germs
When you decide to baby-sit other children there is a guarantee that you will end up with your own family getting sick, more than usual. Even if you have a policy that says that parents need to keep their children home when they are sick, but many parents don’t follow that rule. Even if you ask them to come pick up their children from school like  Teddy Kids Kinderdagverblijf your home has already been exposed to the germs. It can especially be difficult if you have your own young children, in addition to the day care children. If you are babysitting you can expect a lot more visits to the doctor, and a lot more co pays. This is something that you will need to take into consideration. Also if your family ends up getting sick, more than usual this can take away from the amount of money that you are earning. So calculate the expense very carefully.

Late payments

One thing that many parents learn the hard way is that some parent’s tend to pay late, or not in full. Regardless of what you may put in your policy, your payments can easily be affected. Getting payments late can affect your paying your own bills on time. Even if you tell parents to pay you in advance you can still end up getting stuck, with no payment. This should also be taken into consideration. Some families, who run daycares in their home, have insisted that many families pay them a deposit, when they first start babysitting. This despot may be able to cover payments if someone is late paying you.

Difficult children

Let’s face it not all children are well behaved, and you may just end up with a home full of them. This can increase your stress level, and make it very difficult to care for the children. Remember that stress can make you sick, and if you are sick you can not care for the children.

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