Overmedicating Our Kids


ADHD is quickly becoming an epidemic in our society. In every school in every city of the united states you will find numerous children taking daily medication to “control their behavior”. This act is completely insane! What happened to the days when kids were kids and were allowed to be just that? Our society is heading to a day when our children will be turned into mindless robots in the name of order.
When I was child we were able to play until mom and dad called us in for dinner. We got into mischief and, I am sure, did alot of things that would now be construed as ADHD behaviors. We were not medicated to make us mind our parents or sit still. I do not know of any kids that have the ability to still and pay attention! That is just the way kids are. These days though , you can look around the schools and see pairs of zombied eyes staring back at you. Are these children capable of learning in this condition?

When it comes to schools and our children it is out of hand. The teachers in our schools are exercising rights that they do not have regarding our children. Now , I understand that a teacher has alot of responsibility and more than enough students to fill her day and to add an unruly child to the mix makes their job tougher. However , when did it become accepted for our teachers to inform us that they can not teach our children unless they are medicated? If you are going to be a teacher then you should expect to have hyper moments and periods of restlessness. I grant you we do have ADHD children in our schools but nearly as many as are being medicated currently. I feel that our teachers should do the teaching and let the parents make decisions regarding their children.

Doctors are not at all innocent in this ADHD epidemic we are finding ourselves in. I have yet to figure out why but doctors are jumping on the medication bandwagon faster than we can blink an eye. As physicians I would expect more from them . It would be a different story if the doctors took the time to actually get to know the children before they make a hurried diagnosis. This is not the case though. In most cases the doctor sees the child for 5-10 minuets gives an ADHD medication or two and sends them on their way. This is criminal in my opinion. The sad fact of the matter is one medication leads to two and two to three and so the vicious cycle begins, and never ends.

It is our jobs as parents to defend our children from this vicious cycle.  We need to wake up and realize that the teachers , school officials and doctors can not make us turn our children into zombies. It is our job discipline our children so that our teachers can teach their classes without excess behaviors that can be cured through parental discipline. It is our job to protect our children from the doctors and heath care professionals that jump into diagnoses without really knowing our children. we are our children’s only advocates.

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