We want change. That’s the reason why we always found ourselves scribbling resolutions on a paper every year. We desire new great things to happen for the coming year. We all want to be optimistic.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Actually this helps us to have clear direction to jumpstart the year and improve our old life. What the problem is , most of us don’t usually follow those resolutions. They are there for a while with your inexplicable zest to fulfill it then as the time goes by, it all gone. In Filipino term ‘Ningas Kugon.’ Easy said than done.

There is something wrong why we always end up to unfulfilled resolutions. Because the focus of all of them is ourselves.

The selfish pursuit that we have make all of these waste. We don’t need to revise our resolutions. What we need to do is to change our attitude towards our resolutions. Changing ourselves for a better, dedicating it to others will make you more motivated to fulfill it.

Lose weight not just for you to become fab, but to inspire others to have the discipline of eating right and valuing health. Lose weight for your loved one and forget getting envied by others.

Save money for a cause. You can donate it to victims of typhoons or just even giving it to your mom whenever financial crisis occurs in the family.

Pay all debts with the thinking that the person whom you borrowed might need it now. You owe them something which is tantamount to commitment. I am also planning to get to know more about ranking hostingów and others things.

Have good grades not to have additional allowance but to make your parents proud. Making them realize that their hard work is paid-off through your excellent performance in school, will push you to continue this resolution as a long time goal.

Stop vices not just for yourself but as well for those who love you. Your life is intertwined to others. Instead of wasting time for looooooooooong drinking session or one hour smoking five packs of cigarette, why spend it having good laughs and hearty talks to your friends?

The secret of fulfilling resolutions is by setting aside yourself to teh center and letting others be your focus. There’s no other way around. Try it and you’ll see how it works.


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