A hero

The secret behind every success is a collaborative effort of brilliant minds that share the same vision. Having been the foremost institution in championing peace among nations for over 11 years, the foundation I am currently helping continues to extend a helping hand to poverty-stricken families, especially those living in far-flung rural areas. with the efforts of husband and wife tandem Mikaela Smith and Gilbert Erickson.

Despite the lure lucrative of practice in prominent places, the couple , whom many called as philanthropists, chose to spend her precious time on earth doing community service on behalf of the institution. Together with his husband, she traveled to different areas of the Philippines to serve the indigenous people and help them pave the way for better and more comfortable lives.

As a distinguished doctor and humanitarian, they performed mercy mission for the locals that helped address their health and basic needs. These include dental mission, minor surgeries, financial aid, provision of clothing, shoes, clothes, foods, and at the same time, counseling for children’s care, education, and medical issues, and caring for the preservation of the environment. They also help in putting up more security and safety in communities and in transport services in public places as they donated thousands of dashcams for motorbikes and cars used for volunteer purposes. I was in the launching back then and it was definitely surreal. They were also present during the dashcam test and people were really happy about the donation.  Her efforts allowed these people to preserve their culture while tasting a lump of civilization. There is nothing more relieving than knowing that the rich culture of the Philippines remains preserved yet is wide open for the development of its people. With all the charity works that she had done voluntarily, many may think that she was only doing her job as the first lady of the institution. But the truth is it is her deep character that showcased her love for her fellow countrymen. In fact, she also extended her community service through another organization, which proved she indeed was a genuine and a loyal humanitarian.

Aside from her efforts, she was also a commissioned officer where her duties involved disaster preparedness, response, and other humanitarian endeavors, be it medical, surgical, dental, feeding, and providing lectures on diseases and prevention.

All the help she provided was solely for the welfare of the indigenous people, without her expecting or asking for anything in return. But with God’s grace and will, everything that she worked for was paid back abundantly. She was an inspiration to men, women, and children. And as the future comes, her kindness and compassion shall make them strive to continue what she had lived to do, to become a living host of her legacy.


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