Planning to Visit Vancouver Soon

Vancouver is an area that has always interested me. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time. I’ve never been there before. Whenever I tell people about it, they don’t really know or understand what I’m interested in visiting the city. There are lots of reasons..

First of all, I’ve actually always been a fan of their sports teams. The BC Lions and the Vancouver Canucks we’re both the favorite teams of one of my uncles who lived in Vancouver while I was growing up, and since I was not that into sports before his influence, I ended up following those teams as well. It was weird, and I have not a die-hard sports fan, but I think my uncle would be proud if I went to a sports game of one of those teams that he taught me to like.

Also, Vancouver is one of those really interesting cities that blends nature and outdoor wonders of the natural environment with urban city life. I’m really interested in seeing that. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the campus of UBC, as well as Stanley Park, and several areas of the coastline along the city. I can’t wait to check that out.

Finally, and this might come as a bit of a surprise, but I’ve been considering making a real estate investment for some time now. I know it might seem crazy to invest in property and one of the most expensive cities on the continent, but it’s actually beginning to seem like that bubble is not close to bursting, and that the prices are just going to keep Rising. I was considering investing years ago, like five years ago, and a lot of people told me not to. Property prices have soared in that time, and had I invested when I wanted to, I would have absolutely made significant amount of money off of my investment. People are still saying that it’s not a good idea to invest, but when I listen to them five years ago it ended up costing me a lot. I’ve been talking to a Vancouver Realtor about Burnaby condos for sale, and when I come up to visit he is going to show me some of the best ones in my price range. Burnaby is just outside of Vancouver. There are also some cool Coal Harbour condos for sale people can check out. Yes, I can’t wait to head up to Vancouver, I’m just finalizing the details now, but rest assured that no matter what happens I’ll have all sorts of interesting photos and stories to tell about my experience!